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So Why Should You Be Using Easy Ad Wizard?

Every Website online has one thing in common - they all have Advertising Banners! And with Easy Ad Wizard you have the  most Powerful, Easy to Use Software for Creating Amazing Looking Ads in Seconds that will help you Maximize your Earnings and make your site Look Great, all at the same time!

  • Super Easy to Use

    Easy Ad Wizard is a truly “Point & Click” easy to use banner ad software.

  • Mac & PC Compatible

    It’s 100% Online Software and so works perfectly with both Mac and PC machines.

  • In-Built Graphics Library

    100’s of in-built graphics to choose from within the software.

  • 30+ Templates

    30+ Ready Made Designs are included so you can create ads in seconds!

And Developer Rights for Any Ads You Create!

Use Easy Ad Wizard to Create Amazing Custom Banner Ad Packs that you Can Sell to your own Clients or as a Freelancer on sites like Fiverr. By doing this just once you will more than make back your investment!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you’re anything like me then you understand how important it is to maximize the revenue from each of your websites. After all we are in business and so we need to make sure that our websites are working for us 24/7 and getting us the best results possible for our bottom line.

One of the most popular ways of doing this is by having some professional website banner ads placed strategically throughout your site so you can maximize the profits you earn from each visitor.

Think about it for a second...some of the biggest websites in the world like Facebook, Google and Yahoo make billions every year by selling their ad inventory to advertisers.

This is because Banner Ads can catch a visitors attention like nothing else and can provide huge ROI when used in the right ways.

But Things Have Begun to Change

Recently a new wave of online marketer has changed the way that they use advertising on their sites and instead of relying on the Big Companies mentioned above, they now take Full Control over their Banner Space and how much income they can earn from it.

That's because they are using their own Banner Ads to promote their own Products and Services or send Traffic to Higher Paying Affiliate Offers.

So that leads me to ask you this question...

Are You Maximizing the Profit You Earn
from Each Visitor to your Website?

If the answer is No then don't worry because you are not alone. You see the majority of people have been using Banner Ads all wrong and haven't even touched the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to possible earnings potential just waiting to be released.

The good thing is it's easy to start seeing results once you have a proper strategy and plan in place. In fact when you begin to unleash the full potential of advertising on your websites the possibilities are endless.

Just a Few Examples of How You
Could Make More Money with Banner Ads

  • Promote Your Own Products

    By promoting your own products and services you can usually make a lot more than from Adsense and will get a Higher CTR as well.

  • Build a Bigger Email List

    Give your visitors a clear, attention grabbing Call to Action and get more sign-ups to your list so you can follow-up and email market to.

  • Link to Amazon Products

    Amazon is one of the best sites to promote as an affiliate and you can link directly to the Top Selling Amazon Products in your niche.

  • Grow Your Social Media Following

    Create banners that call for people to Like your Fan Page or Follow you on Twitter and easily get more Social Media Followers.

  • Promote Affiliate Products

    Find and promote High Converting Affiliate Offers relevant to your niche and you can greatly increase the income you earn from your site.

  • Create Affiliate Banners

    Create Affiliate Banner Ads so others can promote your products and generate evergreen sales for you, day after day.

Trouble is...Getting Awesome Looking
Ads Created is Extremely Difficult

Unless you are a gifted designer with years of experience it can be a very long, frustrating and expensive journey when you begin to get all these different ads created for your sites. Because you're not just gonna want one set of ads, you'll need many different variations so you can change them up every so often and keep your site looking fresh and your Click-Through Rates high.

And really up until now when getting some Ads created for your site you generally had 2 Options...

  • Hire a Graphics Designer
  • Create the Ads Yourself

Both of these Give Us Several Problems

Say for example you Hire a Designer...

  • Graphics Designers are EXPENSIVE!!

    I should know because I used so many over the years and to get a good designer you have to be prepared to pay top dollar.

As you can see Hiring a Designer to create your Website Banner Ads is Extremely Expensive, especially when you may want New Ads Created on a regular basis to keep your ads looking fresh and getting a High Click-through Rate.

  • It’s Difficult to Get EXACTLY What You Want

    I always found it very difficult to have a designer give me the exact kind of design that I wanted. This often left me feeling frustrated because I ended up paying a lot of money for something that wasn’t quite right.

Or how about you Try Creating Your Own Ads...

  • Learning How to Master Photoshop is Not Easy and Takes A LOT of Time

    I’ve lost count of how many hours I spent trying to teach myself how to use Photoshop and each time no matter how hard I tried I was never able to create the design that I wanted.

  • You Don’t Have the Luxury of Time to Waste When Building Your Business

    I quickly realized that the time I was wasting trying to make up my own designs was taking away time that I could be spending on productive tasks that would help build my business.

Lucky For Me I Found the Solution

Lucky for me it all changed when I decided instead of wasting money on designers who never really captured what I wanted them to create or all the lost time I spent trying to master Photoshop I decided I needed to invest in something that would take care of all these problems for me in one swoop.

The answer is a piece of Software that makes Creating Amazing Looking Website Banner Ads “Point & Click Simple”...

And so Easy to Use that even someone with No Design Skills or Experience can be up and running and creating Pro Looking Ads in just a few minutes.

Fellow Marketer let me introduce you to the piece of Software that is going to help you Maximize the Earnings from Banner Ads on your Website and Put You in Total Control of your Advertising.

It’s called Easy Ad Wizard...


Monetize Any Website in Seconds!

  • 100+ In-Built Graphical Elements
  • 30 + Ready Made Ad Templates
  • Save & Load Your Projects
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo History
  • Upload Your Own Images
  • Full Training Videos Provided
  • Easy to Use

  • 100% Online

  • Great Support

  • Very Affordable

Easy Ad Wizard is a 100% Online Software App for Creating Amazing, Professional Quality Website Banner Ads in a Flash.

It is Delivered through a Private Members Area and because it’s 100% Online you can Access it from Any Computer, from Any Location, whenever you want. And because it's a 100% Online Software is Compatible with both Mac & PC.

Check Out Some of it's Amazing Features

Super Easy to Use

Simply open up the app, select a Pre-Made Ad Template and you can have an awesome looking website ad in seconds.

30 Ready Made Templates Included

If you don't have time to create an ad from scratch you can choose from one of the 30 Ready Made Templates and customize it to your liking with just a few clicks.

100s of Custom Graphics to Choose From

We have literally hundreds of in-built graphics in the app so you will never be short of graphics to use in your ads.


Easily add text layers, change fonts and text size with our easy to use Text Editor.


Add a variety of custom shapes to your ads to make them stand out more and get more attention. All shapes can be fully resized and edited to match your design perfectly.

Complete Color Control

Use the color picker to change the color of your Text, Backgrounds, Layers and Shapes so you get the perfect design.

Background Patterns

Give your ads some depth by using one of the many background patterns included in the software.

Light & Shade Effects

Choose from 3 Different Lighting Effects to give an extra dimension to your banner ads.


These tabs allow you to send your images forward and backward through the different layers of your design.

Preview Your Designs

With one click you can preview your ads to see how they look in real-time before downloading the finished graphic.

Saving and Loading Your Projects

You can Save & Load your Project Files so you can come back and edit your ads later on or make quick updates.

Unlimited Under/Redo History

Easily undo any mistakes with one click using the unlimited undo/redo feature.

Customize Your Canvas Area

You can easily customize the size of your Canvas Area to fit whatever needs you have. Perfect for if you need to create a custom ad using a different size than those included in the Ready Made Templates.

Plus many, many more...

Watch This Demo Video to See It in Action

And Click Play Below to View a Quick Demo of these Areas

Ready Made Templates

In-Built Graphics Library

Members Area

Tutorial Videos

Early Bird Bonus
30 Done-for-You Ad Templates

250 x 250 Square Banner Ads

336 x 280 Rectangle Ads

120 x 240 Mini-Tower Ads

240 x 400 Tower Ads

468 x 60 Leaderboard Small

728 x 90 Leaderboard Large

And remember when you invest in Easy Ad Wizard today you get all of these 30 Ready Made Ad Templates that you see above so you will never be stuck for inspiration to create a great looking banner ad. Simply choose one of the many pre-made designs, edit the details and you are done!

This makes Website Banner Ad Creation for your Business a Breeze and will save you lots of unwanted expense on designers because with Easy Ad Wizard you can do it all yourself....in a few seconds.

You can also sell the designs you make with the software on Freelancer sites like Fiverr or to Offline Clients and instantly start profiting from your investment in Easy Ad Wizard.

Some of My Results from Using these Ads on My Sites

Above you can see a collection of screenshots taken from my JVZoo Account. These results were achieved by properly monetizing my Product Members Areas and Blogs with Banner Ads.

I have many different sites and each one promotes my other products with Ads I created with Easy Ad Wizard and as you can see it pays off. By having these Ads on my sites I can catch visitors attention and direct them towards my other products.

You can see how quickly only 50, 60 or 70 clicks pay off and these Banner Ads are important way for me to bring in Extra Revenue in my business and maximize the profits from each of my sites.

Delivered Through Professional Members Area

Easy Ad Wizard is a 100% Online Software and is delivered through a Professional Members Area meaning there is nothing to install and you can access it from any computer whenever you want. You can literally be up and running with the software in the next couple of minutes!

Simply log into your account to access the software - it couldn't be easier! And because everything is online it makes it super easy for us to push out Software Updates whenever we want.

Here's Exactly What You Get with

Easy Ad Wizard Software

Not only do you get Permanent Access to the Easy Ad Wizard Software but also Quality Support and Software Updates.

100s of In-Built Graphics

The software comes with hundreds of in-built graphics so you will never run out of elements to ad to your designs.

Professional Members Area

Everything is delivered through your own Professional Members Area so you can log-in and access your software and training whenever you want.

Full Tutorial Videos

Full Tutorial Videos are provided and walk you through each aspect of the software so you can get up and running fast.

30+ Ready Made Templates

Over 30 Ready Made Templates are included with Easy Ad Wizard so you can create a banner ad in seconds.

Protected By Guarantee

And like all our other Software you are Protected 100% with our Money Back Guarantee so you know you have nothing to lose when invest in Easy Header Wizard today.

Get Easy Ad Wizard Now

You Are 100% Protected With My Guarantee

Look at what our Customers say about Easy Ad Wizard

Hi Noel......best software I have purchased in ages...simple to use and creates great graphics, great to finally be able to use something that over delivers. Brilliant mate.......used to be a frustration not being able to do simple graphics but not anymore!!!

William Weterre
William Weterre Easy Ad Wizard Customer

I have to say that I kind of kicked myself buying this because I know Photoshop and I own tons of graphics, BUT I'm really surprised - I really like this! So quick, saves me tons of time.

Heidi Foord
Heidi Foord Easy Ad Wizard Customer

Total Value of Everything You're Getting Today...

Easy Ad Wizard Software
With this Special Offer you Get Permanent Access to Easy Ad Wizard so unlike a lot of our competitors there are No Monthly Fee's to worry about.

Value - $97

Full Training Material
Easy Ad Wizard was designed to be "Point & Click" Simple but we also provide Full Training Tutorial Videos to explain everything about the software in detail and turn you into a graphics expert.

Value - $27

Hundreds of In-Built Graphics and 30 Ready Made Templates
You get Full Access to 100+ In-Built Graphics and 30 Ready Made Ad Templates that you can begin using right away. So even though you can Upload your own Images to use in the Software we are already providing you with enough Graphics and Templates to keep you satisfied for years.

Value - $97

Professional Members Area
We take great pride in Delivering Easy Ad Wizard through your very own Professional Members Area. Log-in whenever you like and from any computer to Instantly start using the Software. It also allows us to easily push out Member Updates and Bonuses all through one Easy to Navigate Members Area.

Value - $97

Quality Support and Updates
When you become a Valued Customer of ours you can rest easy knowing that you will receive Quality Customer Support and Updates from our Friendly and Highly Skilled Support Team. If you ever need help with anything just contact us via our Dedicated Support Desk and we'll be happy to help.

Value - Priceless

Total Value of this Awesome Package - $197+

Get Easy Ad Wizard Now

And remember you are 100% Protected with My Money Back Guarantee.

So you know when you invest in Easy Ad Wizard today you are Totally Protected.

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So now it's time for us to sign-off and leave you to enjoy your Easy Ad Wizard Software. Thanks for taking the time to checkout Easy Ad Wizard and we hope to see you inside the Members Area  real soon.

To Your Success,

Noel Cunningham

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconSo I'm Totally Protected with the Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, you are 100% Protected with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can try out Easy Ad Wizard for a Full 30 Days and then decide whether to keep it or not. There is Absolutely No Risk and you are 100% Protected.

  • q-iconWill the Software Be Kept Updated?

    Yes, all our software is regularly updated to continue giving our customers a great user experience. And because the software is 100% Online it makes it very easy for our team to push out updates and keep the Members Area in great shape.

  • q-iconDo You Provide Training on How to Use Easy Ad Wizard?

    Yes! You get Full Video Tutorials that walk you through using the software step-by-step. It’s super simple to use but full training is provided so you can get the most out of your purchase and quickly become your own graphics expert.

  • q-iconWhat Are My License Rights to the Graphics I Create?

    You will have Full Developer Rights for any graphics you create with Easy Ad Wizard meaning you can use them anyway you like including on your own Websites or Create and Sell them to Local Businesses.

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